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Allow your customers to try-on single and multiple products using our AR fitting room. Allow them to try-on multiple looks as they search for it using our intent-aware search. Increase conversions 55% using our AR fitting room for makeup, apparel and glasses.

AR Fitting Room


Our virtual makeover simulator works with major browsers across all platforms, allowing easy integration into your brand sites.

Mobile SDK

Create your own makeup virtual try on mobile app with the most advanced AI makeup simulator technology.

Makeup Online Service

Self-serve SaaS for adding Virtual Try-On buttons to your site. Supports Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and Squrespace

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Virtual Makeup Try-On Anywhere, Anytime

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Affordable self-service solution for 7 product categories including: lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, eyelash, eyeliner, foundation, and mascara.

No resources? Create ultra-realistic AR makeup try on experience with minimal coding work.

Set up and create your first virtual SKU in minutes!
Find a plan suitable for your business needs starting at $399/month.

Easy & Accessible Virtual Try-On for Small to
Mid-sized eCommerce Businesses

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The ultra-realistic AI and AR-powered virtual makeup try on experience is like looking into a virtual mirror. Give the customers a virtual makeover online for free.

How Does AR Fitting Room Work?

Lip Color

Highly accurate virtual lip color try-on experience translates the shade, texture, intensity, and application patterns of physical products into digital try-ons.

Versatile Patterns
Single Color
Two tone Colors 
Ombre Colors
Lip Art
Lip Liner (with 6 types of special patterns)

Realistic Textures

Lip Color 1


Empower your customers to find the perfect eyeshadow palette to make their eyes pop. Eyeshadow virtual try-on experience with 1,000+ color patterns, and wide range of supported textures.

Supported eyeshadow textures:
Matte Shimmer

NEW Metallic: Unleash your inner rock star with a metallic eyeshadow finish and create the perfect multichromatic look with support up to 5-color shade palettes.

Eye Shadow 1

Hair Style

The AR Hairstyle Virtual Try-On gives complete freedom to virtually try a broad array of different hairstyles with highly-sophisticated haircut simulation technology.

Classic Bobcut
Bobcut Without Bangs
Ear Length Bobcut
Wavy Bobcut
Curly Bobcut
Curly Bobcut 2

Pixie Cut
Pixie Cut 2
Buzz Cut

Hair Style 1
Glasses 1


Visualize your glasses to create a high-quality virtual try on experience with a wide range of adjustable product attributes:

Fully Customizable for a Real-Time
Frame Color
Frame Size
Lens Tint
3 Different Reflections Available

pikaso_texttoimage_A-lady-wears-glasses-with-an-AI-network-on-her-fac 1

Our Virtual Glasses Try-On Solution empowers brands to provide customers with the opportunity to virtually try on glasses and sunglasses, allowing them to see how different frames, lenses, and tints look on them across various platforms:
- Web browsers
- Desktop browsers
- Mobile apps

True-to-Life AR Sunglasses & Glasses Try On Online


The virtual eyeglasses try-on experience is fully customizable, featuring a wide range of adjustable product attributes :
- Frame color
- Frame size
- Frame reflection
- Lens tint & density
- Lens reflection

Fully Customizable for Enhanced Realism and Aesthetics

pikaso_texttoimage_experience 1
18765 1

PD 65 mm

AI-powered virtual glasses try-on technology automatically measures the distance between pupils and offers a precise frame size for trying on glasses in both physical and digital products.
Our Virtual Glasses Try-On Solution utilizes its accurate face tracking ability to ensure a fast and seamless online glasses try-on experience for customers.

Ultra-Precise Virtual Glasses Try-On with AR Pupillary
Distance Auto Detection

pikaso_texttoimage_One-Glasses-Virtual-TryOn-Solution-Works-on-Multip 1

One Glasses Virtual Try-On Solution Works on Multiple Channels

Virtual Glasses Try On: Elevating E-commerce Convenience

The advanced solution for virtual glasses try-on, seamlessly blending with both web and mobile applications. This innovative technology elevates brands' omnichannel strategies, providing unparalleled convenience for customers looking to experience trying on glasses virtually online.
Seamless support across:
- iOS
- Android
- All major browsers (for both MacOS and Windows)
Integrate our Virtual Glasses Try-On solution seamlessly into your app, website, or ecommerce platform with ease. Try-it On

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