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Effortless AI and AR Solutions for eCommerce.

Boost your sales with AI and AR SaaS solutions - enable customers to discover you products with the generative AI search then try them on in the AR fitting room while watching personalized UGC.

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twigBIG is a leading SaaS AI and AR eCommerce enabler platform while focusing on beauty and fashion industries. It has been serving top brands since 2021.

twigBIG is dedicated to create immersive and inclusive shopping experience, while pushing the frontiers of technologies like AI and AR to create human-centric experiences that mimics physical shopping experience.

twigBIG is on quest to make content generation and personalization, generative AI search, conversion optimization and immersive technologies autonomous, affordable and accessible to all.

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Leveraging Generative AI and Machine Learning to automate the customer journey and make it human-centric starting with the Gen AI Discovery search, while the ML will continuously learns the customers behavior and personalize their experience, and the customer can always analyze their or hair to have personalized suggestions.

Gen AI servies


Filling room service

AR Fitting room

The fitting room is revolutionary because it allows single and multiple products try-on aka the look try-on. Brands can use the AI and AR services by allowing their customers to try-on the suggested GEN AI looks that are auto-generated based on the customers semantic searches. It was proved that AR increases conversions 55%.

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There is nothing more convincing than a friend's recommendation, and that's what this feature offers. It is enabling brands to connect with the best creators who will create authentic genuine reviews of their products. These shoppable videos will be used at the brands' sites or they can be used as ads. It was proven that UGC videos increase conversions 75%.

Our Services

Oubai Al Hendi founded twigBIG to make online shopping reliable and seamless for consumers — while at the same time helping people save on purchases and make a name ..

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Awards and News

We are recognized as leaders for our outstanding achievements in Al & AR business tech innovation.

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